Thursday, 16 August 2012

Introducing Me

Hi everyone. My name is Raphaela Inez, people call me as Inez. I'm addicted to fashion and music. But this blog isn't just for Fashion post. It's my blog and what I want to share is my life. I want you all guys get inspired by me (amen). And fyi.. I'm 18th years old this year. Still young? I don't think so.. hahahaha. I live happily in Bandung with my father, mother, and two sisters. Lucky me to have many great people around me. That what's make my life more beautiful. :)

This is me. Please don't get bored of seeing my face because you will see me in every post. hahahaha :D

anyway.. I'm sorry for the lack grammar, etc. I know I'm not that good at english. But hope you understand, I want to improve my English too.

See you guys on the next post. :)

1 comment:

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