Saturday, 15 June 2013

Con Moto

Do you feel that bangkok stuff is so mainstream today (sorry) ? I do love their stuff, but since it's too mainstream nowadays I prefer to buy some local brand.. :) Come on guys, I think we must appreciate our local designer, and do you know? I think our local brand (in Indonesia) is very unique and rare..I really love our local brand because many of them were created in limited. I don't really care about fashion nowadays. I think we have to created our own style more than following the existing trend. Do you agree with me? :) But yeah, sometimes we have to adjust with the trend. :p Last moth I bought a clothes from our local brand, OHIO. It's really caught my attention at the first sight! Curious? Just scroll down then ;)  photo Untitled-2copy.jpg  photo Untitled-1copy.jpg  photo Untitled-3copy.jpg  photo Untitled-4copy.jpg  photo IMG_6084copycopy.jpg  photo IMG_6083copycopy.jpg  photo IMG_6085copycopy.jpg
Tops: OHIOstoreline Maxi skirt: Little Amous Shoes: Decimal Shoes see you again on my next post :)