Thursday, 27 December 2012


I bought this blazer from retail theraphy, but sad it's too big for me, and i want to sell it again. The original price is 275k and i sell it just for 150k, include SHIPPING! (only ship to indonesian people) you can check the price in their blog here if you don't trust me :) 100% good condition and never been worn. if you interest and want to buy it, just comment below this post. Thankyou
the detail :)

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Rainy Christmas

I'm sorry for the late post, I was really bussyyy with college stuff. Really, I do love fashion, but all the assignment just make me tired and sleepy, guess what?I lost weight about 3-4kilos! It's not because I'm on diet, but it's all because doing all my assignment in my college. Crazy week..-,-
But thanks GOD! it's now time to vacation. And I have a time to update my blog again.. so happy! :D

Anyway, it's still Christmas! Happy Christmas to all Christians! :)
sorry for the late christmas post, I was enjoying today with my family..went to the church and dinner together. This is the beautiful of Christmas isn't it? I think the best thing in Christmas is to gather with all the family. And of course go to Church, because it's our Savior's birthday. :)

It's rainy today, but i'm too excited to update my blog again, so i managed the photos in my home garage to avoid the rain. Btw, lately the weather is not so good, so watch your body carefully and don't be sick :)

Okay, I will not talk too much again, this is my late christmas post. Enjoy it :)

Thanks to the weather, it makes the top look like grey more than dark green.. :(

Top Gifted
Bralette, belt, Skirt New Look
Necklace Random
Shoes Payless

See you on the next post! soon! :D

Saturday, 1 December 2012


Those who follow my twitter  will surely know that last week I was preparing for a fashion show, not for my college assignment, but there is an event in my church that conducted various competitions like talent show, song writing, cheerleader, and last is Fashion Show. I be the person who make the costume for the fashion show. So I'm sorry because I didn't blog much because this month I was really busy.
There are 4 different team and each team is given different concept. For my team, the concept is EGYPT. Really excited to do it! Because it's my first fashion project, even it's not from my college but I enjoyed it so much. :)

So... I wont talk too much again, just scroll down the photos :)

This is the design of the stage, and yes it's glow in the dark. It is cool right?? :)

 This concept is Greece

Indian. :)

 My masterpiece, Egypt :)

Who is your most favorite? :D

Fyi, all the clothes from head to toe is all handmade by me and some volunteers who helped me to make this *really thank you for the help! Except the gladiator shoe that worn by the model. Hahahaha :D
The hardest thing to make is the snake headpiece. Trust me, I'm not buy it, I made it (so proud of myself...hahahaha)
The judges like the back side of the costume. I made it from trashbag! :)

So happy to heard that my team got the first rank from Fashion Show! I can't believe it. Because all teams give the best for this fashion show. There's none of them who made the costume, only me who made it. So I can't believe that I can won over them. But really thanks to GOD for the achievement. :)

See you on the next post!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Simple Pastel

Took these photo a few days ago..hang out with my sister, Priscilla Ivy at Trans Studio Mall in Bandung. Fyi, my home located near the mall. It's just take 5 minutes by walk. Don't ask how often I visited Trans Studio Mall..hahahaha And this is what I wore when I went to the Trans Studio Mall. Just a simple outfit. Because I prefer to use something that is comfort to wear but eyecatching! it's supeerrrbb <3

I think I should cut my bangs..yeah, I will do that.

Wearing NO heels for today! Hahahaha. I feel sooo freeeee :D

What I wear:
Top - Bought from Singapore
Yellow Cardigan - Random
Shorts - New Look
Necklace - Local Store
Rings - Random
Shoes - Rodhe

Thankyou to my sister (as always) who took all the photos! Do check her tumblr! :)
See you on the next post! ;)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Little Girl Gone Bad

Thanks God for this holiday so I can update my blog again! hahahaa.. :D
Today, I ask my sister Priscilla Ivy to take me some photos, but she is too lazy to go out. So I just took these photos in front of my house.
I know my sister is lazy right now, but no doubt... the result of my photo is GOOD! Big thanks for my sister! She's a professional photographer. I suggest you to see her blog here.
Let's just scroll down and enjoy :)

 Try some new image of me. I often being sweet in the previous post. Wearing skirt, colorful outfit, but for now, no more girly. Hahahaha. I tried to apply smokey eyes to match my concept.
So, how do I look? for me, I don't think this style is suit my personality, but it's good to try something new, huh?
And yes, I add some sweet thing in my look. A little girl in my necklace :)

 I look very tall in this photo. Actually my height is 168.5cm, but this boots is about 13cm. Just measure how tall I am with this boots. That's why i don't really like to wear high heels. I'm tall enough without it. Right? :)

What I wear in this photo:

Leather Jacket Kiabi Bebé
Tank Top local store
Jeans Cheap Monday
Rings Random
Necklace From Bangkok
Chris Camel Boots Decimal

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fall for Flowers

Another quick post before going to shopping with my family.. there's so much discount in store today! and yeah, I do love shopping. I will post my new outfit in my next picture.. So stay tuned on my blog. hihihi :)
Today the weather is so cloudy (maybe it doesn't seems like that in the picture) so I wear a knit to keep my body warm. :)
Like I said in previous post, I'm in love with skirt nowadays. When I go into a store, the first thing I look for is a skirt! Hahaha. And this is my new baby from one of my favorite brand, New Look. It's look like to the skirt worn by elementary school. Because the colour is red. Hahahaha. And yeah, it's not only me who think about that, when I'm walking around in PVJ (I'm wearing this skirt), a little kid came up to me and asked "Why do you wear an elementary school skirt?" And I just can laugh to the question. Hahahaha.
Okay, before I talk too much rubbish, just scroll to see what I mean. :D

 The Details :)
 If you're a KPop lovers (i love KPop but i'm not a maniac) you definitely know my 'EXO' ring.
Yeah, it's a new boyband from SM Entertainment. I love them so much because they're so talented and OF COURSE handsome! Hahahaha. I bought it when I went to SM Town World Live Tour Concert III in Jakarta on 22nd September 2012 yesterday. I've been searching for these ring because it's used by my favorite member in EXO (his name is KAI) and finally I found it. Sooo happyyy :D
 my new favorite necklace. <3
 Silly faces :p

All photos were taken by my beloved and talented sister PRISCILLA IVY. Do visit her tumblr to see her photoworks. Thankyou my sis :*

What I wear:
Assymetric Glittery Top  Hardware
Skirt  New Look
Belt  New Look
Oxford Shoes  The Little Thing She Needs
Collar Necklace  random
Rings  random

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sweet Tiger

Have you ever hear the word 'chic'? or 'chique'? I'm sure all of you know the word. But do you know what the meaning of 'CHIC'? Now let me tell you.. Because I'm so interested with the meaning :)

Chic derives from the Frens wor 'chique' which means skills and elegance. And now it has been used to refer to a woman as smart and stylish. Chic means "Stylish without being a slave for fashion."So in another words, I can say that chic refers to being fashionable without look like a victim of fashion.
We can follow the current fashion style but in critical eyes. You must know what looks good on you! :)
And don't forget! If you want to be chic, you need a touch of womanly side. :)
So.. Here it is..a Chic Style from me.. *scroll :D

Just receive another cute skirt (I don't know why I'm so in love with skirt nowadays, forgive me hahaha) from my new favorite clothing Little Amous. You can have it if you want and if it's still available. hihi :D

 I'm sorry, I forgot to capture the detail.. :(
By the way, all photos taken by my talented sister! you can find her photoworks in her blog here. See you on the next post. :)

Tiger Top Brought from Bali
Maxi Sheer Skirt Little Amous Closet
Kitten Heels Payless by Comfort Plus
Accesories Random
Bowler Hat Random