Thursday, 22 November 2012

Simple Pastel

Took these photo a few days ago..hang out with my sister, Priscilla Ivy at Trans Studio Mall in Bandung. Fyi, my home located near the mall. It's just take 5 minutes by walk. Don't ask how often I visited Trans Studio Mall..hahahaha And this is what I wore when I went to the Trans Studio Mall. Just a simple outfit. Because I prefer to use something that is comfort to wear but eyecatching! it's supeerrrbb <3

I think I should cut my bangs..yeah, I will do that.

Wearing NO heels for today! Hahahaha. I feel sooo freeeee :D

What I wear:
Top - Bought from Singapore
Yellow Cardigan - Random
Shorts - New Look
Necklace - Local Store
Rings - Random
Shoes - Rodhe

Thankyou to my sister (as always) who took all the photos! Do check her tumblr! :)
See you on the next post! ;)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Little Girl Gone Bad

Thanks God for this holiday so I can update my blog again! hahahaa.. :D
Today, I ask my sister Priscilla Ivy to take me some photos, but she is too lazy to go out. So I just took these photos in front of my house.
I know my sister is lazy right now, but no doubt... the result of my photo is GOOD! Big thanks for my sister! She's a professional photographer. I suggest you to see her blog here.
Let's just scroll down and enjoy :)

 Try some new image of me. I often being sweet in the previous post. Wearing skirt, colorful outfit, but for now, no more girly. Hahahaha. I tried to apply smokey eyes to match my concept.
So, how do I look? for me, I don't think this style is suit my personality, but it's good to try something new, huh?
And yes, I add some sweet thing in my look. A little girl in my necklace :)

 I look very tall in this photo. Actually my height is 168.5cm, but this boots is about 13cm. Just measure how tall I am with this boots. That's why i don't really like to wear high heels. I'm tall enough without it. Right? :)

What I wear in this photo:

Leather Jacket Kiabi Bebé
Tank Top local store
Jeans Cheap Monday
Rings Random
Necklace From Bangkok
Chris Camel Boots Decimal