Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Car Over My Skirt

I'm back again! Sorry for the lack update... I'm so busy with my college assignment. You know that I'm taking Fashion Design Major, so all day long I just have to drawing and drawing again. One assignment complete, another assignment is waiting. So I can't update my blog. Sorry :(
But today I take a time to update my arid blog *blah* so.. here's my outfit post.
Anyway, I don't have a time to search a good place because of my schedule..:'(
My sister took it in front of my house. So..don't look the view, just focus on my outfit..hihi ;)

I'm in love with my new skirt. Brought it from Bali.

Skirt Paul Smith
Top Random
Heels New Look


  1. love your blog!! :DDDD awww

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  3. love your skirt :)


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