Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Little Girl Gone Bad

Thanks God for this holiday so I can update my blog again! hahahaa.. :D
Today, I ask my sister Priscilla Ivy to take me some photos, but she is too lazy to go out. So I just took these photos in front of my house.
I know my sister is lazy right now, but no doubt... the result of my photo is GOOD! Big thanks for my sister! She's a professional photographer. I suggest you to see her blog here.
Let's just scroll down and enjoy :)

 Try some new image of me. I often being sweet in the previous post. Wearing skirt, colorful outfit, but for now, no more girly. Hahahaha. I tried to apply smokey eyes to match my concept.
So, how do I look? for me, I don't think this style is suit my personality, but it's good to try something new, huh?
And yes, I add some sweet thing in my look. A little girl in my necklace :)

 I look very tall in this photo. Actually my height is 168.5cm, but this boots is about 13cm. Just measure how tall I am with this boots. That's why i don't really like to wear high heels. I'm tall enough without it. Right? :)

What I wear in this photo:

Leather Jacket Kiabi Bebé
Tank Top local store
Jeans Cheap Monday
Rings Random
Necklace From Bangkok
Chris Camel Boots Decimal


  1. love your shoes,
    it's okay if you're tall and you also wear heels,
    me too i'm 172 cm >< and i'm still 16yo ,LOL


  2. great outfit!
    i like your ring xD

    i feel so short if i were standing next to you, i'm only 158 cm T-T
    i should wears heels...


  3. You look so cool! awesome :)

  4. cool outfit dear :)
    I love your ring & your boots <3
    mind to follow each other..? ^^

  5. cool ;)

    let's follow each other if you like :)

  6. you look cool yet fierce haha :DD anw have just found your blog,you've a lovely blog,keep posting! :3 and do check out mine if you've time xxx

  7. Such a fierce edgy look c;
    Love the shoes and the
    cute rings!


  8. Love your rings and shoes ! Though it's Decimal's.. I'll never buy any shoes from her again, too disappointing ;(

    1. true! I'm also disappointed..the quality is not good..jeffrey campbell is a must have! hahahahaa

  9. Amazing look! Loving this grungy vibe, that jacket is love! xx

  10. i love the look! don't you just love overly high heels <3


  11. Awesome outfit and great pictures!
    Wanna follow each other? Let me know if you do :)

  12. cool!!
    Love this outfit and I adore the boots!


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