Saturday, 2 February 2013

Little Black Dress

I'm sorry I didn't post anything lately.. I was really hectic with college in January.. so I don't have a time to manage some photo in order to update my blog. My bad :( But today I'm free..and so I want to share my new post to all of you readers.. :) check it out!
Lately, I'm very addicted with everything called 'velvet', and of course it's not a name of a cake.. *forget it*. I've been searching in every webstore and outlet to find anything that has velvet on it. And so happy I found one.. yippieeee :D I got it from New Look, a simple black dress. But velvet material makes my simple dress going to the next level. That's why i loveee velvet..hihihi And I add a ribbon belt to complete my look. Is it a good choice? :)
my new babyyy! Watch your foot, people.. hihihi ;) Just a quick outfit. Comment if you want more! Because I have upcoming post again soon. And I hope you guys want to wait for it..hihihihi :D


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