Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Rainy Christmas

I'm sorry for the late post, I was really bussyyy with college stuff. Really, I do love fashion, but all the assignment just make me tired and sleepy, guess what?I lost weight about 3-4kilos! It's not because I'm on diet, but it's all because doing all my assignment in my college. Crazy week..-,-
But thanks GOD! it's now time to vacation. And I have a time to update my blog again.. so happy! :D

Anyway, it's still Christmas! Happy Christmas to all Christians! :)
sorry for the late christmas post, I was enjoying today with my family..went to the church and dinner together. This is the beautiful of Christmas isn't it? I think the best thing in Christmas is to gather with all the family. And of course go to Church, because it's our Savior's birthday. :)

It's rainy today, but i'm too excited to update my blog again, so i managed the photos in my home garage to avoid the rain. Btw, lately the weather is not so good, so watch your body carefully and don't be sick :)

Okay, I will not talk too much again, this is my late christmas post. Enjoy it :)

Thanks to the weather, it makes the top look like grey more than dark green.. :(

Top Gifted
Bralette, belt, Skirt New Look
Necklace Random
Shoes Payless

See you on the next post! soon! :D


  1. lovely,
    i would love too.
    do you live in Bandug too? let's meet up ☺

    yeah i've tried for a half of this year ,
    but still lah :P haha

  2. Cute hat! and love the top :D


  3. nice skirt


  4. pretty and cute <3
    love you top and Merry Christmas dear :)
    following you on GFC, hope you will follow mine too


  5. super cute post!


  6. Such a cute santa hat!
    merry christmas & happy new year dear <3



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