Saturday, 1 December 2012


Those who follow my twitter  will surely know that last week I was preparing for a fashion show, not for my college assignment, but there is an event in my church that conducted various competitions like talent show, song writing, cheerleader, and last is Fashion Show. I be the person who make the costume for the fashion show. So I'm sorry because I didn't blog much because this month I was really busy.
There are 4 different team and each team is given different concept. For my team, the concept is EGYPT. Really excited to do it! Because it's my first fashion project, even it's not from my college but I enjoyed it so much. :)

So... I wont talk too much again, just scroll down the photos :)

This is the design of the stage, and yes it's glow in the dark. It is cool right?? :)

 This concept is Greece

Indian. :)

 My masterpiece, Egypt :)

Who is your most favorite? :D

Fyi, all the clothes from head to toe is all handmade by me and some volunteers who helped me to make this *really thank you for the help! Except the gladiator shoe that worn by the model. Hahahaha :D
The hardest thing to make is the snake headpiece. Trust me, I'm not buy it, I made it (so proud of myself...hahahaha)
The judges like the back side of the costume. I made it from trashbag! :)

So happy to heard that my team got the first rank from Fashion Show! I can't believe it. Because all teams give the best for this fashion show. There's none of them who made the costume, only me who made it. So I can't believe that I can won over them. But really thanks to GOD for the achievement. :)

See you on the next post!


  1. Congrats dear, the indian were fantastic :)

  2. cool event! my favorite is scotland <3

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  4. that stage looks cool ! and your designs are great!
    and thanks for the lovely comment! :D
    i'm truly 15 and i do wear tiny bits of makeup! n_n
    you're really nice !

  5. hi sweety, very nice blog, now I'm your new follower, i found it so nice!
    If you want see my blog and tell me if you like my style..

    kiss jexika lyter

  6. Loving these pictures .You have such great style :)


  7. Woooow cool !!! Your design really cool my favorite is egypt


  8. you such a talented. keep on going on what you do

  9. inez you so talented. pasti acaranya seru bgttt!! im happy for you


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