Friday, 24 May 2013

Four Seasons

Dear readers..I'm so sorry..there's so much things to do in my college. It's so hectic, i'm going insaneeeee..really want to mad! too much assignment and project. So I'm sorry I can't manage my blog for a long time :( anyway, I still care of my fugly blog..not really *ups so here I am back again :D actually I did the photoshoot a few weeks ago..but again, it's because i'm so crazy enough doing all of my assignment that's why I just can post it now..soorrry :( Featuring my new tribal skirt from stradivarius and spikey denim shirt from bangkok. I guess denim is still exist right. Yes. *self answer* thankyou to my sister who always able to shoots me :D see her project with fellow photographer in ELLUXURIOUS enough! and enjoy the picture :) *scroll scroll*  photo Untitled-2copy_zps59aa922c.jpg  photo IMG_5067copy_zpsf8783f59.jpg  photo addf_zps29eb6197.jpg  photo IMG_5084copy_zps6001dc27.jpg  photo IMG_5083_zps91b320cf.jpg  photo IMG_5081copy_zps34038823.jpg  photo IMG_5079copy_zps9e46d244.jpg see you in my next post! Please stay tuned :)


  1. pretty skirt, and I love your hair! xx

  2. hi cutie, finally a blog post! love!
    Bisous! :*

    Sequin Queen

  3. love this style so much :)


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